Clothing designer Eva Dekker started her brand in 2005, a year after she graduated from the art academy. “Establishing my own brand has been my dream from an early age”

Eternally growing collection
She started with Studio EVA D., then without a clear plan. In the years that followed, she steadily developed her brand into what it is today: timeless and gender-neutral clothing.
Studio EVA D. is timeless. That means the fashion seasons are unleashed. “I work according to my own rules and at my own pace,” she says.
She continues: ”When you come out of the academy, you think it’s mandatory to work with seasonal collections. But I soon discovered I didn’t fit into the prevailing fashion system. I do a lot myself, and a lot of manual work is involved. Fashion once stole my heart because of the craft that comes with it, but that didn’t fit with the fleetingness of fashion for me. I wanted to make beautiful clothes that hold their value, so I let go of the seasonal mindset.”
Studio EVA D., therefore, consists of a permanent, timeless collection to which new items are constantly added. The clothing lasts more than a few seasons and is less harmful to the environment. “It is a modular collection. All pieces can be combined endlessly. I make clothes to cherish and to build a wardrobe around.”

Wearable and understated
How would she describe her style? “In addition to being timeless, the clothing is also very wearable and understated,” she says. “I don’t like decoration. Details in my clothes have a function. The colors are generally neutral. This allows the pieces to blend perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.”
The style is androgynous. “I don’t want to dictate who gets to wear my clothes. I want to give the wearer the space to style the garment entirely according to their own insight. Instead of the clothes forming the body. Gender and size are, therefore, subordinate. Everyone can feel good in the clothes through details and smart adjustments.”

Eva takes the climate into account in her choices. “Where I can, I make the most sustainable choices, for example, using materials. But also by making clothing with a long lifespan.” I have little stock available or make the garments to order from a low-waste perspective.

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